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High Performance Building Consulting

“Integrating innovative design for optimal performance, results in cost savings.”

Platinum’s high performance building services harness the principles and metrics of sustainability for clients who want to ensure their buildings operate at peak efficiency, use energy and water as effectively as possible and are as healthy and comfortable as they can be.

At Platinum, we offer unrivaled expertise in such fundamental disciplines as energy modeling, commissioning, and ecological design as well as leading-edge tools and capabilities in carbon footprint analysis, sustainable community modeling, optimization of solar orientation, improved thermal efficiency of building envelope and integration with HVAC, lighting and control systems, to ensure the Client’s sustainability goals and vision are effectively met.



Our team works collaboratively with owners, developers, design and delivery teams, right across the supply chain, to enable the realization of high performance buildings. Our services includes:

  • Strategic briefs aligned with business performance goals
  • Alternative strategies, methods and products to suit specific needs
  • Optimum energy strategies for new and existing buildings
  • Cost effective sustainability strategies for planning applications
  • Sustainability and building performance design review
  • Energy efficiency of whole buildings, systems and installations
  • Modeling and analysis to evaluate designs and proposals
  • Low carbon design & carbon reduction action plans for business operations
  • Renewable energy opportunities
  • Energy efficient asset replacement and investment plans
  • Analysis, diagnosis and rectification of system performance problems